Sunday, September 9, 2007

Saturday with Tessa at the Muttart Conservatory

Yesterday I ventured off to the Muttart to photograph Tessa, the darling princess who just so happened to be the flower girl in my recent wedding. Between cloud bursts, she raced around the slippery grounds (miraculously, without falling) at the Muttart and I managed to capture her in the exceptionally photogenic flowers and hanging from trees. She was a fabulous subject to photograph -and had no problem ignoring me with the camera as she found neat things to look at. Admittedly, I prefer the pictures that were taken outdoors as opposed to the ones inside. A wedding was being photographed at the same times we were there and Tessa was a little jealous that they didn't pick her to be the flower girl!
My favourite pictures are the ones when she decided to dance for us - she's a great little dancer. The second favourites are the jumping pictures - I love the look of flying hair, especially with children! She was quite a trooper despite the blisters she developed from jumping around in her spiffy new shoes. Check out the slide show for the day at

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