Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Want a *FREE* wedding planner???

Hey all! So, my good friend Juli is finally diving into the world of wedding and event planning and she would like to take on 5 couples to assist in planning their weddings for free so she can build her portfolio! What a deal!

You may recognize Juli from last April's TTD session at Galaxyland - Awesome trash the dress session at West Ed and Downtown Edmonton

Juli has a great eye for detail and she is remarkably organized! She has recently helped me redesign my pricing materials and she will be joining me in the ENV Photography booth at Bridal Fantasy in January. She is oh-so-enticing, but you have to talk to me first, cause it's my booth! ;)
Her website is in the works, but you can visit it here at and tell her I sent you!

**** UPDATE**** wow, she's all booked up and is now only accepting paid work!

Attack of the killer stomach flu!

Hi All! Just an update for those of you who have called or e-mailed, I have been dying with the stomach flu since the weekend and haven't been able to return calls or e-mails. I'm now just being able to get near a computer for a little while so will be returning mail slowly and will be calling everyone back as soon as possible! This is one event I WON'T be posting pictures of...

but why don't you take a look at my wedding photography site anyway??

Friday, November 7, 2008

Edmonton's Windiest Wedding Ever with Natalie and Jon!

Saturday, October 25, 2008 arrived with wonderful blue skies, temperature just about to hit the low teens, and winds at 90 km/h! Not quite what we had planned for but that crazy wind couldn't ruin Natalie and Jon's beautiful day!

Take a peek at the slideshow here: Edmonton's windiest wedding!

wedding kiss photography Shaw conference centre - wedding photograph
Edmonton wedding photography
windy wedding photography just married in Edmonton
Edmonton wedding photography

The never ending reno story...

It's been so long, about 6 weeks, since I've been able to have a bath in my home. It's an old house, WWI era, so only one bathroom. Over a year since we first signed a contract to have it gutted and re-done, and consequently having the contractor go under and take thousands of dollars of our money, we are now getting to reno the bathroom ourselves. I am not very handy. I have a great eye for design, but I have lacklustre carpentry skills. My husband, however, we have discovered, is really quite good at this when he has some help and is given direction. We are getting close to the end. No more staying in hotels while we have no toilet, no more brushing our teeth in the kitchen sink, no more travelling to my sister's place on a regular basis to get showers... I am so excited. How we managed to use that awful bathroom for three years is a mystery to me! Damn hippie undersea adventure with scary animals painted on the wall that watch you when you pee... gone! Awful 1970's yellow tub... GONE! It's almost time for the unveiling... and then I can go have a bath and wander around my house wearing a towel for as long as I want because I can! No more getting dressed right after a shower because we aren't at home! It's so close!!