Friday, November 7, 2008

The never ending reno story...

It's been so long, about 6 weeks, since I've been able to have a bath in my home. It's an old house, WWI era, so only one bathroom. Over a year since we first signed a contract to have it gutted and re-done, and consequently having the contractor go under and take thousands of dollars of our money, we are now getting to reno the bathroom ourselves. I am not very handy. I have a great eye for design, but I have lacklustre carpentry skills. My husband, however, we have discovered, is really quite good at this when he has some help and is given direction. We are getting close to the end. No more staying in hotels while we have no toilet, no more brushing our teeth in the kitchen sink, no more travelling to my sister's place on a regular basis to get showers... I am so excited. How we managed to use that awful bathroom for three years is a mystery to me! Damn hippie undersea adventure with scary animals painted on the wall that watch you when you pee... gone! Awful 1970's yellow tub... GONE! It's almost time for the unveiling... and then I can go have a bath and wander around my house wearing a towel for as long as I want because I can! No more getting dressed right after a shower because we aren't at home! It's so close!!

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