Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ENV Photography's wedding blog

Wow, this is a really old blog of mine.... please redirect to my new blog (a spiffy new company name too!). Check out http://www.elizabethvanderbij.com/ and the blog is http://www.elizabethvanderbij.com/calgary-photographer. Really looking forward to more weddings in Calgary, Banff, Canmore, Cochrane, jasper, and of course, Edmonton in the upcoming years.

Be sure to check out the La Coquette - Boudoir by elizabeth vanderbij blog too at http://edmontonboudoir.lacoquettephotography.com/

Edmonton boudoir marathon – January 22 – 24, 2010 at boutique hotel

It’s that time again! La Coquette – Boudoir by ENV Photography is hosting another ever-popular boudoir marathon at the Metterra Hotel from January 22-24, 2010.

Special session fee of $350 for a 1 hour session and 25 fully retouched hi-res files. If you wanted more retouched files (50 in total), add $125 (the regular session and file fee).

A $50 retainer is required to secure your spot which can be paid by cash, cheque, money order, paypal or interac money transfer.

The schedule is as follows:

Friday January 22, 2010

5 – 6 – OPEN
6:30 – 7:30 – OPEN

Saturday January 23, 2010

10-11 – OPEN
11:30 – 12:30 – OPEN
1 – 2 – OPEN
3:30 – 4:30 – OPEN
5 – 6 – OPEN
6:30 – 7:30 – OPEN

Sunday January 24, 2010

10-11 – OPEN
11:30 – 12:30 – OPEN
1 – 2 – OPEN
3:30 – 4:30 – BOOKED – JG
5 – 6 – OPEN
6:30 – 7:30 – OPEN

I do suggest having your makeup done by a professional, and there are many salons on Whyte that offer that service. You can really see the difference that professional make up makes in the final images.

On the day of your shoot, be sure to wear loose-fitting clothing as to not have any red marks on your skin from too-tight jeans, etc. Helps make for better photos!

If you need suggestions on what to wear, please e-mail and I’ll be happy to help! A pair of killer heels is a must – the kind that aren’t meant to be walked in!

If you would like the La Coquette signature bathtub shots, please bring your own flowers with the colours of your choice!

To see more examples of images, visit http://www.lacoquettephotography.com and e-mail elizabeth@envphotography.com to sign up for your spot!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Check out www.edmonton-wedding-photographers.com

A great new website has been launched featuring photographers in Edmonton and also has an ever-growing photo directory of Edmonton Wedding Venues and Wedding Photo Locations! Check out Edmonton Wedding Photographers - A Directory

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Free RING SHOT marathon, chez moi on Sunday, March 22, 2009

It may or or may not be obvious by now, but I love engagement and wedding rings! I love them so much that I am obsessed with photographing them!

To fuel my obsession, I am offering a FREE ring shot session at my home on Sunday, March 22, 2009 from 10 am to 4 pm. I will need about 15 minutes of your time while I work my magic on your rings to produce a work of art! Check out the posting on bride.ca about my ring shots. They called them stunning!

While you are waiting, my army of four cats will be sure to entertain while you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and something to nibble on. I will also have a certified wedding planner on site for you chat with and keep you company while I photograph your rings. Not a bad deal, hey??

So, you might be wondering what's in it for you? Well, I will provide the hi-res files with permission to print of the best shots from your session and a 5x7 print of your favourite photograph, and that's it! Your ring shot could be used for your Save The Date cards, as placeholders at the reception, etc.

Please do bring along any items or props with esthetic or sentimental value that you would like to have in the composition of your rings. I will, of course, have lots of other items to use as well.

Please contact me to set up your appointment and get my address.

***Please be advised that I do have 4 lovely cats, so if you do have allergies, you can still do the shoot, but I'm not sure how much fun it will be to hang out on the porch!

Be sure to tell your friends!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Shiny new blog!

While blogger has been good to me, I decided it was time to do it on my own!

Check out the new blog at http://edmontonweddingblog.envphotography.com

Of course, I'll leave this blog up as well so you can see the older posts, but for new posts, please go to the new site!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kittens Part 4: Count Olaf

Olaf makes up the remainder of the Second edition with his biological sister Violet. We got Violet and Olaf in June of 2006 from 4 Paws, as a result of an animal rescue. Olaf is the ninja cat. He doesn't like being picked up and his furry little body contorts into some weird positions. Of course, his resistance to snuggling makes us want to hug him ever more. Olaf likes to join you in the shower and sit between the tub and the shower curtain when the water is on so he gets his paws wet. He is a stealthy snuggler, and has been found sleeping with us at night, but, of course, when we wake up and notice him, he runs away quickly!

Kittens Part 3: Violet

Violet is our one and only little girl cat. She is most definitely a princess. Violet and her biological brother Olaf make up the Second edition. Violet came to us by way of animal rescue. We believe she was a farm cat and that is way she is crazy about hunting her toy mice. She is also known as the furry alarm clock - especially on days when we can sleep in, she makes a point of insistantly meowing in our ears to wake us up. She is difficult to capture, will tolerate hugging on occaision and loves to sleep in high up places where we can't reach her!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kittens Part 2: Klaus

Klaus is our furry grey kitten mouse. He is Sunny's biological brother, and together, my sister refers to them as the first edition. Klaus particularly enjoys sleeping sideways in the middle of our bed, he has a bit of an ear fetish and tries to lick yours when you are too tired to fight him off and he looooves honeysuckle. He's also a water kitty and will sit with you in the shower. Unlike Sunny, Klaus has filled out his kitten suit very well!

Klaus the kitten mouse!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Introducing the kittens, one by one... Here's Sunny!

The van der Bij household is a fun and furry place. We have four darling kitties and the world revolves around them! They permit us to live here, and in exchange we have to throw sparkle balls, brush them, let them hog the centre of our bed as we cling to the edges...

Of course, we wouldn't trade it for the world. The is nothing better than a warm and furry kitty hug! Sunny is one of our four darlings affectionately named after Lemony Snicket's characters. We have had Sunny and his biological brother Klaus since August 2005 since they were itty bitty kitties. Sunny enjoys posing for the camera, so he was easy to capture... I imagine Klaus will be the next willing participant, and then I will have to bribe Violet and Olaf to pose for me...

Anyway, here's Sunny in his slightly-too-large stripey cat suit!

Sunny Bunny the stripey cat

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beautiful Baby - My Neice Bella

My neice, Isabella, will be turning 1 in two weeks. Crazy how quickly the time has flown and how much she has grown and changed in such a short period of time. How strange it was to see her coming flying out in cannonball-style (seriously, she just shot out unassisted - strangest thing I have ever seen) and now to see her greet me with a big toothy smile and her patented princess wave! I'm so happy to be her Auntie!

Here's just one shot from a visit at our house the other day. She wasn't in the mood for photos, and not even of bottle of Betsy Johnson perfume to play with could hold her still long enough for me to get more than a few shots. Of course, duct tape was out of the question since Mommy was watching ;)

Please wish our little darling a very happy first birthday!

Bella's first birthday

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Belly Boudoir - sexy maternity photography in Edmonton

Back at the end of October I did a small boudoir marathon and Patricia, in all her pregnant glory, allowed me to photograph her adorable little belly. She is one hot momma! Check out a few shots from her session - these little teasers are all you get to see, 'cause some photos just aren't meant to be on display for the whole world to ogle!

maternity boudoir photography
edmonton boudoir photography
pregnancy photography
belly boudoir
edmonton photographer
pregnancy photography

Monday, February 2, 2009

New digital-only wedding photography packages!

Well, I've caved under pressure and have come up with another green menu (fruit, as opposed to gems and minerals for the packages) for you crafty brides that want all the fabulous coverage, but want to make you own albums or want to scrapbook your wedding. Now you can get a package that gives you all the coverage you want and the full size digital files that you can print yourself, and that's it!

Of course, you can always elect to order an album, canvasses, prints, etc. later.

Check out the new items on the menu here: ENV Photography Digital-Only wedding photography prices.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rock the Dress post-wedding photography winner from Edmonton Bridal Fantasy!

Thank you to everyone that dropped by the ENV Photography booth at Bridal Fantasy in Edmonton this past Sunday. Over 200 people entered the draw for the free Rock the Dress session in Edmonton and the lucky winner is Priscilla Wagar of Edmonton!

For the rest of you who entered and didn't win, you can still do your own Rock the Dress session - check out my website for details!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My wedding photography booth at Bridal Fantasy Edmonton!

Today Carley and I spent the afternoon setting up my booth at Bridal Fantasy. Thanks to the muscle (Derek, Cody, Shaun, Fred & Carley) for carrying in the big stuff too! The show is tomorrow and I am a little nervous but I think it will go well and the booth looks great! Wish me luck! If you are at the show tomorrow, be sure to stop by - Hall E back by the bistro!! Here's a few shots of the booth!

Edmonton wedding photography booth
Edmonton wedding photographer
Bridal Fantasy booth
Edmonton wedding fair
Edmonton wedding photographer
ENV Photography in Edmonton
wedding photographer booth
Edmonton wedding photographer
Bridal Fantasy

Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter Wonderland in Edmonton - Whyte Ave post-bridal photography

This past weekend, I ventured off to Ice on Whyte with Jules and Steve. They got married last June in Nova Scotia and I convicnced them to do a winter shoot with me while the weather was warm! Of course, it was so warm that it melted and ruined the awesome Ice castle that I wanted to photograph them in, so we worked our way around the area taking other great winter shots instead! As always, here's a few until the slideshow is ready!

Edmonton post-bridal photography
Ice on Whyte wedding photography
winter wedding photography
Edmonton winter wedding
Edmonton wedding photography
Edmonton winter photography

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

yay! www.bride.ca wrote about me and my wedding/engagement ring shots!

So, today wasn't a great day. In fact, it's been one of the worst that I've had in a while. That all changed, however, once I got home to find 4 new canvasses on my porch, fresh and waiting for Bridal Fantasy (not even 2 weeks away!), 2 boxes of my kickass new postcards (also for Bridal Fantasy) and an e-mail in my inbox from bride.ca with a posting that they just did showing my love of ring shots! Yay! That made it all better! Now, I must get my hands on more gorgeous rings, just to take photos, of course...

Know anyone with a gorgeous ring that needs some photos?

Any way, check out the posting at Stunning wedding ring gallery by ENV Photography

Lots of useful info on the site too!