Thursday, September 27, 2007

Autumn leaves at Griesbach with Trisha and Richard

This past Saturday I headed off to my favourite neighbourhood in Edmonton - the one I will someday live in when I become ridiculously wealthy (in my dreams). The glorious neighbourhood is Griesbach and I had a great time shooting my sister and her husband there. This area seems to be one of a few spots in Edmonton where the leaves actually turn red! It's a popular spot - it seems at any time you can drive by and there are at least four photographers there with families taking pictures.
We were lucky that day and not many other people were around while we were shooting. We had the opportunity to take full advantage of the fabulous colour and I even managed to get my pregnant sister to semi-climb a tree for me. She was always the photogenic child and the pictures turned out well... there's a reason why she is on one side of the lens and why I cling to the other...
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