Sunday, September 9, 2007

Owen at the Park

Earlier today, I joined my sister, Trisha, her good friend Jane, and Jane's son Owen at the community park near Kingsway Mall in central Edmonton. We ran around in the sand at the park and I captured bunches of fabulous pictures of Owen - of course, seeing how cute he is, it wasn't difficult to do.
He was a little hard to keep up with, but when I could, I got some great photographs (as well as pound of sand in each shoe - not so comfy). He was getting difficult to follow, but I think he thought it was a game - it's not often that you get chased by some big black flashing object. Some of the best photos were the ones in the swings - where he couldn't get away! The cutest part was getting him to look my way. Jane would say to him "Where's Beth?", and he'd look my way, but would point at the same - every time. Too cute! I think he had the best time the springy butterfly - he kept going back to it, even though we tried out a few other pieces of equipment. Can't blame him though, it did seem like a lot of fun to wiggle around in it.
Here are a few photos from the day - see the rest at

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