Sunday, October 14, 2007

I swear someone stole the leaves - Griesbach Part 3

Last Sunday, October 7th, we headed off to Griesbach one last time to take advantage of the beautiful red leaves. We were lucky in that the temperatures were in the upper teens and Christine and her daughter Achaila joined us to bask in the sun. We were on a hunt to find the red leaves that lined 97th St, but they somehow mysteriously disappeared. By disappeared, I don't mean that the leaves fell and were now a glorious blanket of red over the grass - no. The leaves were gone entirely! It was like someone came in and raked up every last trace of that red gold and was hording it somewhere! We were out of luck. That didn't dampen our spirits as we took full advantage of the lake and the other pretty trees in the area.
Christine and Achaila were a dream to shoot - they were fun, adventurous, and the camera loved them both, that was fairly obvious. They were so much fun that I was even convinced to climb a tree as well, something I haven't done in a good 20 years. Here's a few shots of the day... you can see the rest at

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