Monday, August 6, 2007

A whole lot of duck poop... and some really cute kids!

So yesterday, we (that being Amy and myself) ventured off to photograph some really cute kids. We got lost (well, actually, I got lost - damn Wal-mart for getting in the way and getting me all confused with the streets) and I overshot our destination by a few kilometres, but we still managed to make it on time without having to do a whole lot of off-roading.

We were photographing a co-worker's son and her niece, along with the little girl's parents, and I did manage to sneak a few shots of Sukjit by herself (my gosh, she is just gorgeous).

We started off at a pond in their neighbourhood, but didn't notice the overwhelming amounts of duck poop surrounding the pond until we were down in it. It would have been nice if the ducks had stayed around for a bit after making such a mess... it totally ruled out any images of the kids rolling down the hill... would have been very dirty... ick... But we forged on and got some really cute pictures.

Next stop was a pretty field beside the East Indian Temple (I think I got the name right). We took pictures in the field, but that didn't last too long as it was pretty prickley with all the thistles.. so we moved over to the temple and took advange of the gorgeous building and the huge expanse of concrete out front.

The final stop was another field with cool trees on our journey to find an old junkyard. We weren't successful in finding the junkyard, but the new clearing served us well. We got a tonne of pictures that day
so check them out on the slideshow!

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